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Parent Relations Consulting
Parent Programming & Webinars



Effective parent relations programs:

  • grow institutional commitment; 
  • provide parents with peace of mind;
  • cultivate student development; 
  • engage parents in partnerships to support success.  
Everyone benefits when parents adopt a parenting style that enables the student the greatest opportunity to direct his or her educational experiences.

Do you already have a parent relations department or program and experience demands that you can't meet?
Consulting areas include:
  • conducting parent focus groups to shape parent relation goals, education, and offerings;
  • producing parent relations web-based content for your institution;
  • training faculty and administrators to effectively interact with concerned parents through a shared vision and best practices congruent with the mission and goals of your institution;
  • facilitating campus discussions to shape parent partnerships that are productive to the personal growth and academic success of the students you serve;
  • evaluating existing parent-related content; sharing recommendations.
  • Navigating Your Relationship With Your College Student
  • Navigating the Holidays - When Your Student Returns Home
  • Communicate, Coach, Connect
  • Guiding Your College Graduate
  • Transitioning Your Student the Summer Before College



When parents are less stressed you are less stressed.







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