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For Parents

♦  Do you feel your son or daughter isn't making the most of his or her educational experience?
♦  Are you struggling to effectively communicate?
♦  Are you concerned about the decisions your student is making?
♦  Are you wondering how best to guide and support?
♦  Do you find it stressful when breaks and summers arrive?
♦  Do you want to worry less?

1. Read college parenting articles in the Successful College Parenting archive.

2. Try parent coaching and gain: 

  • new ways to address challenges and problems;
  • enhanced knowledge of college resources and opportunities;
  • an expanded understanding of your student's development;
  • strategies to help your student to make the most of his or her educational experience.

Arrange parent coaching with Kay Kimball Gruder , Founder of Successful College Parenting.





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