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Client Testimonials

"We would like to thank Kay Kimball Gruder for her informative and exciting presentation given at Salisbury University’s Student Affairs Professional Development training session. Her presentation on Keeping Parents in the Picture was very timely and on target as our staff prepares to better serve students and their families. Kay was extremely knowledgeable about the subject and conveyed her information in an enthusiastic manner. The practical concepts and tools shared will be easy to remember and apply throughout the academic year. Kay was very easy to work with, confident and relaxed. She brought energy to the morning and the staff is delighted with the outcome of the event. Kay’s help and support was without a doubt a key part of the success, and the feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive."
~ Lacie Doyle, Former Chair, Professional Development Committee, Office of Student Affairs, Salisbury University 

"Attending Kay's webinars do two things.  They bring a sense of relief by providing insight as to why things are occurring as they are, and they provide parenting and communication strategies that ease or even deter common areas of conflict."
New York

"We entered the summer with significant concerns about having our daughter return home, and we felt like we were already entering the summer with lots of conflict.  Kay helped us gain clarity around our expectations and guided us as we explored conversations with our daugher about her role and responsibilities within the family.  The summer was much more enjoyable than we ever imagined and we felt united in our interactions with our daughter." 
T.L. & S.L.
New York


"Kay has been a tremendous addition to our Parent Orientation at Berklee College of Music. Berklee consults with Kay quite frequently and she has customized seminars for the parents of our students, successfully easing them through the transition of 'first-semester-jitters'. She speaks from experience, and she has walked a mile in our shoes as a parent herself. Her seminars are full of tools and content that is so helpful and practical to parents of college students. Our Berklee parents think she is a "rock-star" and coming from a Berklee College of Music parent, well that just about says it all! There are a lot of resources and people out there attempting to do what Kay does, but she is the best and brightest in the industry!"
Angela F. F. Davis, Former Director
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Parent Services
Berklee College of Music

"Kay was perfect for our audience, crafting a program that spoke to parents of children of vastly different ages and
stages. Her exercises were simple and meaningful, and have sparked many rich conversations amongst colleagues, and even between me and my husband. When so much of our work is done with intention, focus, and goal-setting, we do ourselves and our children a service when we bring this same set of skills to our parenting."
Jennifer Sanborn, Former Director
The Women's Education and Leadership Fund, Inc.
University of Hartford

"Your presentation was just what our Parent Association Steering Committee was hoping for.
Our school has a superb team of counselors and staff to guide students and parents through the college search details.  Kay's presentation supplemented and enhanced that knowledge by suggesting ways to avoid emotional pitfalls, and offering parenting tips which are quite simple to enact and useful for both the parents and the students.  Kay offered a clarity about how to view the process to make it enjoyable, not just survivable."
Vera Harsh
Former Parent Association President
The Williams School


"Through Kay's coaching, I now think of things in terms of goals and what it will take to achieve them, as opposed to seeing challenges as only frustration. Also, I 'm moving to more of a pro-active stance rather than reacting to the latest crisis." 

"I think self-reflection and visualizing how I wanted things to go was helpful. That seems to be something a person needs to consciously make him or herself "do." I learned techniques to steer conversations and was prepared to take advantage of some "teachable moments" because of some of the things we had talked about. Talking with Kay helped me to prepare and anticipate some things."