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Effectively Pairing Freedom & SupportStarts With You
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Steps You Can Take Right Now

♦  Do you feel your son or daughter isn't making the most of his or her educational experience?female college student on laptop
♦  Are you struggling to effectively communicate?
♦  Are you concerned about the decisions your student is making?
♦  Are you wondering how best to guide and support?
♦  Do you find it stressful when breaks and summers arrive?
♦  Do you want to worry less?

You can reduce your stress and move from challenges to solutions now!


Wanwhat's your approach to parenting book covert to gain a few quick insights?


Read the FREE article here to learn about your parenting approach and the messages you convey to your student.




Readparenting your college student book covery to gain strategies and to develop solutions?

Buy Parenting Your College Student: Pairing Freedom and Support

Parenting Your College Student: Pairing Freedom and Support provides you with concise, strategy and tip driven content, that you can put to immediate use as you communicate with, and guide, your student during the many challenges that occur during college. It can be read in about 45 minutes and then utilized as a parenting reference guide, reducing worry and stress, and helping you to anticipate and prepare for situations that arise during the college years.

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Seek to have one-on-one guidance?

3.  Explore a  parent coaching program and gain: 

  • new ways to address challenges and problems;
  • approaches to reduce worry and stress;
  • enhanced knowledge about college resources and opportunities;
  • an expanded understanding of your student's development;
  • strategies to help your student make the most of his or her educational experience.