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Parenting Your College Student: Pairing Freedom and Support is about parenting your student through a broad range of commonly encountered events, transitions and challenges during the college years, and using parenting approaches that enhance their skills to navigate life.

Parenting Your College Student: Pairing Freedom and Support helps you develop an enhanced sense about when to step in and out of your student’s life, contributing to his or her sense of independence and depth of confidence in handling situations and moving through challenges. Effectively parenting your college student is one part anticipating what he or she needs to successfully navigate life, and another part paving the way for your student to acquire life-experiences that provide skills and perspectives to inform his or her choices and decisions.

Parenting Your College Student: Pairing Freedom and Support provides you with concise, strategy and tip driven content, that is designed to put to immediate use. It can be read in about 45 minutes and then utilized as a reference guide as situations and challenges unfold.

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Pay what you want to purchase – why? I seek that every parent has access to the 100 plus tips in the book, knowing it can help families to anticipate challenges, reduce their worry and stress, and provide communication prompts and strategies to maximize their student's development during the college years.

It's simple -- if you can afford to pay something then do so. One person paid the equivalent of a counseling session because he felt the information benefited him in the same way. Another person emailed me and paid $5 and said, "Even one good tip is worth $5."

If you can't afford to pay anything then don't, but please still download the book. It is important to me that everyone has access to the content.



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