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Why Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching with Kay Kimball Gruder reduces family stress and provides you with strategies to help your student as he or she navigates the twists and turns of the teen through college years. 

It is natural to want to ensure your child's success. At the same time, the teen and college years are developmentally important for your child to take increased responsibility for decisions, interactions, goals and planning for the future -- which often means that your student will falter and make mistakes along the way.

As a Parent Coaching Institute (PCI) Certified Parent Coach® with 30 years of professional on-campus experience in advising, training, and student development programming, I specialize in helping parents to: 

  • address and navigate challenges with their college-bound and college-enrolled student;
  • enhance knowledge of resources and supports;
  • gain new approaches and strategies in their parenting and communicaction;
  • understand their student's development during the pre-college and college years, and post college transition.

Choose a parent coaching program and provide yourself with time to develop strategies to effectively support your son or daughter in the teen and college years.  

I offer an initial call, at no cost, to learn about your concerns.  I like to first talk with prospective clients about their desired outcomes, and at the same time you can get a feel for my skills, expertise and parent coaching approach. There are 3 parent coaching programs from which you can choose. All the options consist of private telephone or Skype coaching sessions and include an email summary of the coaching conversation and recommended action steps.     PARENT COACHING PROGRAMS & RATES
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